Our Staff

Our friendly staff is here for you...and yes, most of the staff is named Austin or Chis.

Sales Staff



At Sabino Cycles since: 2015
In the industry since: 2015
Riding since: 2005
What is your favorite bike: My epic because I can ride it anywhere.
Favorite Tucson ride: Fantasy Island, because I can ride with friends and family.
Fun Fact: I've been told I have a good voice and should be a radio show host.


"The Big Chainring"

At Sabino Cycles since: 2018
In the industry since: 1998
Riding Since: 1974
What is your favorite bike: My serotta, I won't get rid of it!
Favorite Tucson ride: Saguaro Park
Fun fact: I have a tattoo of Sitting Bull on my calf, and I pierced my ear in high school. 


At Sabino Cycles since: 2010
In the industry since: 2005
Riding Since: 1993
What is your favorite bike: Serotta Ottrot the "White Knight"
Favorite Tucson ride: Through the foothills
Fun fact: I'm a closet dog lover


At Sabino Cycles since: 2009
In the industry since: 2009
Riding since:1978
What is your favorite bike: the one I'm on
Favorite Tucson ride: Mt. Lemmon
Fun Fact:Because of my passion of gemstones I became a gemologist in 1990 and have worked most of my career in that field.


At Sabino Cycles since: 2017
In the industry since: 2014
Riding Since: 2011
What is your favorite bike: The bike I'm riding at any given moment
Favorite Tucson ride: Tucson Mountains


At Sabino Cycles since: 2017
Favorite Ride: To the couch
Favorite Food: Peanut Butter
Dream day off work: Shredding rolls of toilet paper then going to the park.
Fun fact: He is a master escape artist

Bam Bam

At Sabino Cycles since: 2016
Favorite Ride: Around the park
Favorite Food: Bull pizzle (Bully sticks)
Dream day off work: Hiking Mt. Lemmon in the morning and dog park in the afternoon
Fun Fact: Once ate a bag of coffee and now my ears stick up.

Show Low

At Sabino Cycles since: 2016
Favorite Ride: The backseat of the bug
Favorite Food: Peanut Butter
Dream day off work: Chasing ALL the lizards
Fun Fact: She's not a mutt, shes a McNab


At Sabino Cycles since: 2016
Favorite Ride: Doing loops on Secret Trail on Mt. Lemmon...SQUIRREL
Favorite Food: Dunkin Donuts
Dream day off work: Chasing small animals til exhaustion.
Fun fact: I am afraid of cardboard.

Service Staff



At Sabino Cycles since: 2016
In the industry since: 2012
Riding since: 1998
What is your favorite bike: Any bike because whatever bike you have and can get you out there is the best bike!
Favorite Tucson ride: 50 year trail
Fun Fact: I can eat 2 large pizzas in a sitting.
Favorite Beer: IPA



At Sabino Cycles since: 2013
In the industry since: 1996
Riding since: 1988
What is your favorite bike: my current ride
Favorite Tucson ride: Arizona Trail South
Fun Fact: I sold used cars
Favorite Beer: Pizza or burritos



At Sabino Cycles since: 2011
In the industry since: 2007
Riding since: 1992
What is your favorite bike: 1987 Stumpjumper comp lunch bike conversion
Favorite Tucson ride: Bug Springs/Prison Camp/Milagrosa
Fun Fact: I live for music. My favorite band are Phish and The Grateful Dead
Favorite Beer: VooDoo Ranger, The Hemperor



At Sabino Cycles since: 2018
In the industry since: 2016
Riding since: 2000
What is your favorite bike: Specialized Camber 650b
Favorite Tucson ride: To work (I'm still really new to town).
Fun Fact: I have a masters degree in Finance & Economics.
Favorite Beer: Root Beer

Sabino Cycles Owners


"Chief Millennial Officer"

At Sabino Cycles since: 2014
In the industry since: 2011
Riding since: 2006
What is your favorite bike: Doi Torri Tourer. My dad bought it in Japan in the 70s, and it was my first road bike in Tucson.
Favorite Tucson ride: Summerhaven to Tucson or my house to the Tucson Hop Shop
Fun fact: I went to culinary school and have cooked at the Ritz Carlton and as a private chef. 


At Sabino Cycles since: 2012
In the industry since: 2004, when I cycled coast-to-coast then started Arizona Cyclist
Riding since: Riding since 1986, my first El Tour de Tucson completed in just over nine hours
What is your favorite bike: The new Tarmac S-works Ultralight, truly perfect in every way
Favorite Tucson ride: Le Buzz to the Mt. Lemmon Observatory
Fun fact:  Recently completed a masters in philosophy at UA and can't stop reading.



At Sabino Cycles since: 2012
In the industry since: 2003  at Bike Beat in Williamsburg, VA, when I left corporate america to build bikes
Riding since: 2001, because my pants wouldn't fit anymore!!
What is your favorite bike? Gotta be the Tarmac, with the Lauf a close second even thought "it" crashed me.
Favorite Tucson ride: Sabino Canyon, I love it when the water is running
Fun fact: I moved to Tucson following my two sons, and have been graced with two amazing grandchildren.