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We are requiring all customers wear masks and observe social distancing while in the store.

Thank you for your cooperation as we work to keep our staff, customers and families safe. 

Our Staff

Our friendly staff is here for you...and yes, most of the staff have four legs and furry faces.

Retail Staff


At Sabino Cycles since: 2020
In the industry since: 35 years in outdoor retail, 7 years in bikes
Riding Since: 1981
What is your favorite bike: MY bike
Favorite Tucson ride:  Anything heading east towards Saguaro National Park
Fun fact: 15 years of NHB fight training, Taichi specialist, foot biomechanist


At Sabino Cycles since: 2020
In the industry since: 2017
Riding Since: 2007
What is your favorite bike: 2017 Ruby
Favorite Tucson ride: Any ride with my grand-babies
Fun fact: I'm a total animal-lover and would love to have my own rescue one day


At Sabino Cycles since: 2010
In the industry since: 2005
Riding Since: 1993
What is your favorite bike: Serotta Ottrot the "White Knight"
Favorite Tucson ride: Through the foothills
Fun fact: I'm a closet dog lover


"Kid" "FNG"

At Sabino Cycles since: 2020 
In the industry since: 
Riding Since: 
What is your favorite bike: 
2015 Specialized Tarmac I got from Ken and rode in El Tour
Favorite Tucson ride: 
Saguaro National Park East
Fun fact: 
Being a military brat, I have lived all over the United States and South Korea



At Sabino Cycles since: 2020
In the industry since: 2020
Riding Since: 2016
What is your favorite bike: Specialized Aethos
Favorite Tucson ride:  Le Buzz to Molino Basin

Fun Fact: I enjoy taking and editing photos for social media



At Sabino Cycles since: 2019
In the industry since: 2005
Riding Since: 2005
What is your favorite bike: My ElliptiGo
Favorite Tucson ride: Mt Lemmon

Fun Fact: I beat a ninja warrior up Mt. Palomar at the ElliptiGo World Championships

Bam Bam

"Bam" "Bamster"

At Sabino Cycles: 2016-2020
Favorite Ride: Around the park
Favorite Food: Bull pizzle (Bully sticks)
Dream day off work: Hiking Mt. Lemmon in the morning and dog park in the afternoon
Fun Fact: Once ate a bag of coffee and now my ears stick up. 


"Chonky Girl"

At Sabino Cycles since: 2018
Favorite Ride: Marshall Gulch on Mt Lemmon
Favorite Food: Apples and Carrots
Dream day off work: Taking up as much floor space as possible while laying around
Fun fact: She doesn't have a tail and no one knows where it went!


"Walty Boy" "Wee Baby Walter" "Butt Plug"

At Sabino Cycles since: 2020
Favorite Ride: Test rides in the back parking lot
Favorite Food: Anything edible
Dream day off work: Hiking and playing with his sister JoJo.
Fun fact: He can open doors. 

Service Staff



At Sabino Cycles since: 2015
In the industry since: 2015
Riding since: 2005
What is your favorite bike: My epic because I can ride it anywhere.
Favorite Tucson ride: Fantasy Island, because I can ride with friends and family.
Fun Fact: I've been told I have a good voice and should be a radio show host.



At Sabino Cycles since: 2011
In the industry since: 2007
Riding since: 1992
What is your favorite bike: 1987 Stumpjumper comp lunch bike conversion
Favorite Tucson ride: Bug Springs/Prison Camp/Milagrosa
Fun Fact: I live for music. My favorite band are Phish and The Grateful Dead
Favorite Beer: VooDoo Ranger, The Hemperor



At Sabino Cycles since: 2019
In the industry since: 2010
Riding since: 1988
What is your favorite bike: The one I'm on right now

Favorite Tucson ride: Starr Pass
Fun Fact: I have HUGE appetite for destruction
Favorite Beer: Tombstone Brewing IPA


"GDK" AKA Guest Mechanic

At Sabino Cycles since: 2018
In the industry since: 2016
Riding since: 2000
What is your favorite bike: Specialized Stumpjumper 27.5
Favorite Tucson ride: To work
Fun Fact: I have a masters degree in Finance & Economics.
Favorite Beer: Root Beer

Sabino Cycles Owners



At Sabino Cycles since: 2014
In the industry since: 2011
Riding since: 2006
What is your favorite bike: Doi Torri Tourer. My dad bought it in Japan in the 70s, and it was my first road bike in Tucson.
Favorite Tucson ride: My house to the Tucson Hop Shop
Fun fact: I went to culinary school and have cooked at the Ritz Carlton and as a private chef. 


"Salty" "Shredhouse" "Snothouse"

At Sabino Cycles since: 2018
Riding since: 2008
What is your favorite bike: Como E-bike I commute to work on or my Captain Marvel Roubaix
Favorite Tucson ride: Starr Pass
Fun Fact: I don't actually work at Sabino, but I'm always working at Sabino since I'm married to Ken.

Steve (Owner Emeritus)


At Sabino Cycles since: 2012
In the industry since: 2003  at Bike Beat in Williamsburg, VA, when I left corporate america to build bikes
Riding since: 2001, because my pants wouldn't fit anymore!!
What is your favorite bike? Gotta be the Tarmac, with the Lauf a close second even thought "it" crashed me.
Favorite Tucson ride: Sabino Canyon, I love it when the water is running
Fun fact: I moved to Tucson following my two sons, and have been graced with two amazing grandchildren.